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The RDAC XG is a compact version of the RDAC XF Engine monitor module and can be used used with Xtreme, Odyssey G2, Voyager G2 and all iEFIS instruments.

The RDAC XG provides a CAN bus interface. Further to this a RS232 interface is provided allowing third party (OEM) use of the RDAC system.

The RDAC XG is fully compatible with the larger RDAC XF subject to the following differences:

  1. A) 8 Channels Thermocouple system (vs 12 channels in the RDAC XF)
    B) 1 RPM input (vs 2 in the RDAC XF)
    C) 1 Fuel flow sender input (vs 2 in the RDAC XF)
    D) No manifold pressure sensor option
    F) The RDAC XF uses convenient screw terminals for connection of senders while the RDAC XG uses DB9 and DB25 connectors with supplied pre-made cables.



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