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MGL Avionics Razor 3.1/8” Control Head


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The Razor control head consists of a body designed to fit a standard 3.1/8” instrument cutout. The Razor is designed for panel front mounting. The Razor features a 3.2” portrait mode color TFT touch screen with a wide viewing angle. A Rotary control is provided. Display light intensity may be adjusted to fixed values or set automatically based on ambient light levels. The Razor interfaces to a V16 and or N16 using a two wire CAN bus. Two RS232 ports are provided. RS232 port 1 may be used as interface to third party systems implementing industry standard communication protocols. The same port may also be used to upload firmware updates to the Razor using a PC application provided by MGL Avionics. RS232 port 2 is reserved for special applications and is not currently used. Two analog voltage inputs are provided. Input one may be used together with a switch to implement a stick mounted last reception recall for the V16 transceiver. Input two may be used to implement a selection of one, two or three button frequency or channel selection switches. Multiple control heads There are no limitations to the number of control heads installed in parallel. Control head types can be mixed, for example you may mix Razor 3.1/8” heads with Vega 2.14” heads. Heads require no specific configuration for multiple head operation. Simply connect them in parallel on the CAN bus.

The Razor VHF Touchscreen controller connects to the V16 Com for full touchscreen control. Connect any number of Razors (and Vegas) to your V16 Com radio.

Panel Cutout Size: 3 1/8” Round
Display: Color 3.2” TFT Portrait Touchscreen Display
Control: Touchscreen and One Knob
Internal Communication: CAN Bus (to communicate with V16 and other Controllers)
Serial Port: For SL30/SL40 Communication (third party devices)
Ambient Light Sensor: Auto-Dimming
2 Discrete Inputs: Recall last transmission and/or to select channels with HOTAS, and/or Remote Flip/Flop
On Screen Warnings: Stuck Mic, Antenna Mismatch


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