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Levil Aviation is excited to announce the BOM (Broadcasting Outer Module). This
revolutionary avionics solution allows you to have a complete instrument panel
without putting a single wire! The BOM is the first and only aerodynamic pod that
mounts under the wing of the aircraft and uses wind to power itself. All components
are incorporated into the BOM such as AHRS, GPS, ADS-B in, AoA, Data
Recording, and pressure sensors, making it fully independent, wireless and the perfect
platform for innovation, setting the stage for the future of aviation.
Now NORSEE Approved for type-certified aircraft.

Let the cluttered-cockpit days be over
Eliminate portable devices altogether and antennas on the dashboard that obstruct the
pilot’s view, augmenting your flight experience and comfort.
Built-in systems:
 An angle of Attack indicator
 A secondary source of pitot data
 Aviation grade AHRS technology
 WAAS GPS for all your navigation needs

Go anywhere at Any time
Built-in Wi-Fi interface. Choose from a long list of compatible
Apps available worldwide and take advantage of the most user friendly flight planning and navigation tools today.
Power for Life
Charging devices at home before you fly (or forgetting to do so) is
a thing of the past. The BOM powers itself with the wind and
keeps your batteries charged.
Don’t let the weather change your plans
Get the ability to have real-time weather and traffic with an
optimal high-quality ADS-B receiver.

Ice? No problem
Fly everywhere you want even with icy conditions. The BOM’s
incredible design and a heated pitot-static system are suitable for
any condition from a nice-smooth day to icy weather. Doesn’t
Matter where you are, you will always have true air data and true
attitude indicator as well as Angle of Attack.
Good moments are worth sharing
All flights are stored inside an SD card which you can access
anytime to replay, review, analyze and share. Recording features
are also useful for flight schools and maintenance shops to keep
track of the health of your aircraft.
Fly Smarter
The BOM senses the state of the engine using vibration sensors
and wakes up even before you are ready to taxi.

What’s in the box?
 Wireless Broadcasting Outer Module unit
 USB to mini USB cable
 ADS-B Antenna
 Mounting Brackets
 Protector case with magnetic switch
 Remove Before Flight flag
 NORSEE papers
 Micro SD card · Bracket screws


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