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Zongshen C100 – 100hp

Engine weight:56.6kg

Exhaust system weight:4kg

Airbox weight:1.3kg

Engine suspension frame weight:2kg

Performance:73.5kw / 100hp

Torque:128Nm / 5100 RPM

Max RPM:5800 Rpm




Fuel:RON 95 Mogas / 100LL Avgas

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100HP engines with:
1, integrated reduction gearbox i = 2,43
2, electric starter and starter relay
3, electronic dual ignition system
4, regulator rectifier
5, 2 carburetors
6, expansion tank
7, exhaust sockets in stainless steel
8, oil tank without tubes
9, coolant pump and internal coolant hoses
10, 2 sensors for cylinder head temperature
11, 1 sensor for oil temperature
12, 1 sensor for oil pressure
13, mechanical fuel pump
14, integrated AC generator.
15, overload clutch(i.e. slippery clutch)

1, Oil radiator
2, Cooling liquid radiator
3, Exhaust gas temperature sensor
4, Overflow bottle
5, Air filter
6, exhaust pipes and muffler.


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